Understanding Constipation And How To Get Relief.


Constipation is one of the most prevailing conditions suffered in modern society. Along with the technology that has allowed us to produce enormous amounts of food, that same technology is often producing food that bounds us up and leads its way to constipation and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids The basic idea of constipation is that it is hardened stool or feces that has become stuck and unable to easily pass.

For this reason we become bound up and when we try to strain to get the poop to exit, this straining leads to hemorrhoids and in some cases can lead to hernia.

Other problems are that as stool is prevented from passing, the toxins in the stool are allowed to exist in the body for a longer time than is intended.

These toxins that would normally be removed from our bodies when we have a bowel movement are left inside to start creating havoc with-in our body. This then leads to an ever increasing cycle of more and more fecal build up in our colon which allows more toxins to exist and cause illness and chronic conditions that make us ill.

What Are The Causes Of Constipation

Of course there are a number of things that lead to the condition of constipation. The typical person does not drink nearly enough water. Constipation is caused in part because stool has hardened making it difficult to move through the colon. Drinking more water helps to soften the stool making it easier to pass.

The foods we eat are another of the more common reasons. When we consume excess dairy products such as milk, ice cream, butter and cheese, these foods can cause us to get bound up. Those foods are taking fiber foods and waterfine in moderation, but if eaten to excess, then it can lead to a problem.

Some foods however should be especially kept to a minimum. If you eat a lot of heavily processed food the problem is that it has little or no fiber and no enzymes which help aid good digestion.

So if you are always eating heavily process foods instead of including a significant amount of live, real food, then it will surely lead to issues of constipation.

Do you exercise? If not, then this might be why you have developed constipation. The lack of exercise or living a largely sedentary life can lead to constipation. The vigorous movement of exercise stimulates the body into making bowel movements. And finally, too many sweets or refined sugar can bound the body up and stop you from easily passing stool.

In addition to the things mentioned above, many medications taken today for other chronic conditions may also be responsible for problems with constipation.

What Are The Best Cures For Constipation?

The first and easiest thing to do to get you going again is to simply start to drink more water. When you first wake up, the first thing you should do is drink a large glass of water. From that point you should drink a large glass of water every waking hour until bed time. For those with frequent night time urination issues you should stop about 3 hours before bedtime, but until then, follow the suggestion above.

 beans, vegetables, nuts, and fruitsDrinking water may seem boring, but you won’t bore of it once you start to see the benefits that come with drinking enough water. Not only will you soon see your constipation begin to break loose, but you will begin to notice a significant rise in energy.

Eat more live and raw, unprocessed foods. There are plenty of delicious vegetables, fruit, beans and nuts that are tasty, nutritious and have lots of fiber. The commonly recommended daily allowance of fiber is 15 grams. The average American diet has about 3 grams.

Strong evidence has been showing in some studies that the daily intake of fiber should be 30 grams of fiber. Some recommend that you go to 50 grams of fiber for 3 months to cleanse yourself out and then you can come down to 35 grams of fiber to maintain.

Exercise is among the most needed components to a lifestyle that is free of constipation. The body is designed to move. When you are sedentary it leads to a number of chronic conditions including constipation. It is not necessary to join a gym or to buy a lot of expensive equipment. If you want to do that it is ok, but absolutely not necessary. A brisk walk every day is enough.

You can start by simply walking around your block. You will soon find that a 30 minute walk is not difficult. If possible you should work up to a 1 hour walk. Remember that this is for exercise, so you should not walk too slowly. Equally you should not walk too fast either. Your breathing should be somewhat elevated, but not panting or gasping. You should be able to talk, but not want to.

Immediate Relief

PsylliumIf you are in need of something immediate to relieve constipation then instead of getting a laxative, we recommend taking psyllium. This is a natural fiber and if you take it, it should start to work in one to two days.

In this age of instant everything, that might seem like a long time, but as it is natural fiber, it will work with your body more naturally and be better for you.

Remember that constipation is almost always caused by lifestyle choices. When those choices change, so will the issue with constipation.


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